We should all be looking for ways to help the environment and reduce waste, but that can be difficult when running a business.

E6PR is the first 100% natural, 100% biodegradable, and 100% compostable packaging solution for the beverage industry.


What are they made out of?
100% natural grain by-product from the beverage industry.

How much weight can they hold?
Four and six packs are designed to hold the weight of 500ml cans.

Can I get the E6PR customized to match my sexy branding?
Not yet!

Will a E6PR break down from getting wet during packaging?
They are designed to maintain structural integrity throughout the packaging process and in distribution. The E6PR will begin to breakdown from water after an hour of being submerged.

Can I apply the Eco Pack by hand?
An applicator is required for application. Please contact us for applicator options.

Are E6PR Eco Packs reusable?
At the production level, they are not reusable. However, if handled properly by the consumer, they may be re-used a limited amount of times.

How long will it take for an E6PR to fully decompose?
A traditional plastic six pack ring can take as many as 450 years to completely decompose. Once a E6PR Eco Pack is in a composite facility, it will begin to degrade in days. If an Eco Pack ends up in a landfill, out in the open, or in water ways it will begin to degrade within weeks.

Can I eat the E6PR?
While its materials are non-harmful in case of ingestion, the product is not intended, nor recommended, for human or animal consumption. During storage and handling, the product is in contact with environments that we can not control, and it may be exposed to contamination and/or hazardous elements.